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When a crowd becomes a community
What happens when you choose collaboration and creativity over control?
You get a committed team of talent that courageously builds a brand -
a brand that has sustainability as a fundamental foundation.
Welcome to Schulz by Crowd.

Welcome to Schulz by Crowd blog

Our childhood often gives hints about our future endeavors. I remember creating a fashion show for a sixth grade school project. My younger self had no idea that one project would be the seed that would flourish into a growing platform of influential design. But that’s what happens when you choose to take risky opportunities, think unconventional thoughts and never give up on your dream.

One happy customer said that Schulz by Crowd was exactly the brand that she had been looking for. I thought a lot about what she said and I realised that while there is a plethora of clothing brands available on the market, people need something more. They don’t just want to wear a beautiful piece - they want to represent a community, a set of values, a significant message. They want to be part of a story that’s changing the industry.

We believe that it takes a crowd of talented designers to create a collection of unique pieces that speak to the heart of our customers. Our passion is to design clothes for women who value style, quality, craftsmanship and sustainability. At Schulz by Crowd, it's not about buying often - it’s about investing in bespoke pieces, which preserve their exclusive look and value. When we have developed a style that really works and one with which our customers are really happy, we extend it beyond one season and give it fresh life with new colors and prints.

Schulz by Crowd about sustainable fashion
My team and I are delighted to invite you into our SS19 collection, inspired by Tibetan Folklore with a modern western expression. Our well-known sandwashed silk is featured in several styles and I am thrilled to announce that the collection now includes shirts made from organic Oxford cotton.

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, I learned to work hard and strive for excellence. Our Tekla Tee and Sammy Shirt are my current favourite examples of this very mindset. As you put these pieces on and step out the door to face your day, let Schulz by Crowd remind you to remain true to your authentic self and keep on going.

Once again, welcome to the Crowd. May you find your style  - and your clothing - within our community of designers.

Marie Schulz is the founder of Schulz by Crowd for sustainable fashion
Marie Schulz


Schulz by Crowd founder Marie Schulz about sustainable Fashion