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Organic cotton
Organic cotton is a natural fabric made of the fluffy cellulose fibers surrounding the seeds of the cotton plant.
By using organic cotton we avoid pesticides in the environment, both in the soil and in the air where the farmers risk to breathe it in, and finally on our body when wearing the clothes.  The cotton we use origins from Turkey and is made into fabric in Portugal where we buy it.

The organic cotton we use is GOTS certified. GOTS is the highest product certification and it ensures that both the growing of the plant, the production of the fabric, the processed of the dying and washing and the overall conditions for the workers involved is good.

Silk is a natural fabric made of the mulberry silk worm. The practice of breeding silk worms for production of silk has been done for at least 5000 years and origins from China. The silk larva produces a cocoon of raw silk, the cocoon is made of a single tread which is usually between 300-900 m. long. The silk treads are spun together with other treads and then woven info fabric.

Tencel is a natural cellulose fabric made of plants and in a closed loop process to reduce the use of water and chemicals, which are used again and again.
The pulp from the plants are pressed through a machine and then spun into yarn which can be used both for knitting and weaving fabric.

Seashell buttons
Our seashell buttons is made of left over seashells from mussels cultivated to the food industry. Instead of throwing the seashells out, they are saves and turned into buttons. This minimizes waste and turns a scrap product into a higher value item.