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The Designer Crowd

we collaborate with the best

What does it mean to be a crowdsourced fashion brand?
Schulz by Crowd is a crowdsourced fashion brand, consisting of a network of over 100 skilled fashion and print designers.
The creation of each collection begins with our CrowdBible - a visual presentation that frames the vision for the collection, created by creative director, Marie Schulz Kjær. The CrowdBible includes everything from the overall theme, moodboard, materials and a selected color palette made to make sure that collections all are created within Schulz by Crowds brandidentity.
Based on the CrowdBible the designers can send in their design ideas for the upcoming collection. We then select the strongest designs, which are brought together to form an exquisite, streamlined collection.
When the styles are selected, Schulz by Crowd handles the rest of the process from development, production and sales of the collection. The designers receive a lump sum for the purchase of the design, and they also receive royalties for each item produced.
As a result, our network of designers has the opportunity to release items under their own name through an already well-established label. We the benefit from having our talented Crowd to create collections of unique pieces that speak to the heart of our customers.
If you want to be part of the Crowd please contact us at info@schulzbycrowd.dk

Designer ss20

Adela Fraud Alvares

Desiger SS17

Anne Sofie Madsen

designer ss17-ss20

Helene Galliano

designer SS17-AW19

Trine Bennicke

Designer SS19

Louise Boye

Designer SS20

Julie Amalie Svensson

designer SS20

Melina Caspersen

designer AW19

Natascha Fals Frederiksen