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Marie Schulz

Marie Schulz Kjær founded Schulz by Crowd in 2015 with a foundational love for natural materials, craftmanship and a wish to change the concept of everchanging trends.

Marie is born and raised in and around Copenhagen and now lives in Frederiksberg with her family.

She is born into a family of entrepreneurs and with an early interest in fashion, Marie had a spiring future in fashion from an early age. After educating herself as Marketing Analyst from CBS, she discovered the Crowdsourcing concept and by matching that with her fashion interest - the basis for Schulz by Crowd was made. 

For Marie it was important, from the beginning, that Schulz by Crowd represented the values that she stirs to live after. 

Being sustainable for me, is about so much more than choosing the right sustainable fabrics. Making sure that the people making our clothes have good conditions and that we do not harm our planet is particularly important.

I was tired of fast fashion and the ever-changing trends and wanted to show that it is possible to do it in another way.

I want to provide high quality pieces and to bring back focus on craftmanship. So that I, together with our talented crowd can make clothes that you treasure and care, where natural materials are key.


Marie Schulz Kjær