ABOUT Schulz by Crowd

We believe that it takes a crowd of talented designers to create a collection of unique pieces that speak to the heart of our customers.”

- Marie Schulz, CEO / Founder

Schulz by Crowd was established in April 2015 with the desire to set a whole new standard in the way fashion is both conceptualized and presented. Our passion is to design clothes for women who value style, quality, craftsmanship and sustainability.

What sets us apart, both in our work and design, is our Nordic design principles. We handpick designers who appreciate clean, Nordic silhouettes with functionality at the core of the design. We only work with exquisite textiles with longevity such as organic cotton and silk. At Schulz by Crowd, it's not about buying often - it’s about investing in bespoke pieces, which preserve their exclusive look and value.

Every year, Schulz by Crowd releases two collections: spring/summer and autumn/winter. The red thread in our design aesthetic is timeless, sophisticated and simple in expression, while still embodying intricate details suitable for every single style and occasion. Each season offers original colors and prints selected specifically for each collection, creating a tasteful and bold look. We make clothes based on the premise that each day should be a ‘good clothing day’. All pieces are comfortable and versatile, while also exuding authenticity and exclusivity.

Schulz by Crowd aspires to leave sustainable and environmentally conscious footprints within the fashion industry. Sustainability is a fundamental foundation for us. We constantly aim to use a more environmentally friendly approach to manufacture clothing without compromising the design and style. We only produce small quantities of each style for each collection to reduce waste and use high quality materials ensuring longevity. read more here

Schulz by Crowd is a ‘crowdsourced fashion brand’, networking with over 100 skilled, talented and innovative designers, who have the opportunity to work with quality materials and create a product under their own name within our more here

The three pillars of Schulz by Crowd are timeless designs, long-life quality products, and respect for the environment and the people involved in the production.  




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